Kosher Menu
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  • Beans Soup

    Beans Soup

    Delicious tomato sauce based soup containing fresh white beans.


  • Soup of the day

    Soup of the day

    Ask your server for our homemade soup of the day.


  • Hummus with Tahini

    Hummus with Tahini

    An appetizing dip made from scratch with chickpeas, tahina, olive oil and parsley.


  • Hummus Masabaha

    Hummus Masabaha (Chickpeas & Tahini)

    Tasty Masabaha containing hummus, tahina, olive oil and cooked chickpeas.


  • Hummus Full

    Hummus Full (Beans & Boiled Egg)

    Contains hummus, cooked fava beans, olive oil, parsley, boiled egg and garnished with a lemon.


  • Hummus with Fried Eggplant

    Hummus with Fried Eggplant

    Tempting fried eggplant served with hummus, parsley and tahina.


  • Hummus with Hot Mushrooms

    Hummus with Hot Mushrooms

    A luscious dish containing hummus, fried mushrooms, fried onion, rosemary leaves, seasoned with olive oil.


  • Hummus with Falafel

    Hummus with Falafel

    Enticing Falafel consisting of hummus, tahina, parsley, olive oil and 4 falafel balls.


  • Hummus with Shawarma

    Hummus with Shawarma

    A delightful dish containing hummus, parsley, shawarma and topped with fresh onions.


  • Famous Laffa Hummus

    Famous Laffa Hummus (with ground meat & pine nuts)

    Contains Hummus, ground beef, pine nuts, parsley and and topped with fresh onions.


  • Rice with Beans

    Rice with Beans

    White rice cooked with white beans in tomato sauce and parsley.


  • Shakshuka Eggs on tomato sauce

    Shakshuka Eggs on tomato sauce

    A tempting dish containing tomato sauce, two eggs, parsley and garlic with green and red sweet peppers. Add tasty moroccan sausages for $2.00.


  • Whole Grilled Eggplant with Tahini

    Whole Grilled Eggplant with Tahini

    A delightful dish containing Eggplant, tahina and parsley.


  • Dolma


    Delicious multicultural dish that consists of ground beef and rice stuffed in grape leaves (8 pieces)


  • Combo Salad 6 Choices

    Combo Salad 6 Choices

    A yummy Combo salad with 6 choices i.e. olive, tabouli, babaganush, mushroom, matbucha and hummus.


  • Sabich Plate

    Sabich Plate

    A tasteful plate consisting of hummus, babaganush, tabouli, matbucha, fried eggplant, boiled egg and 4 sabich balls.


  • Falafel Plate

    Falafel Plate (8 balls falafel with tahini)

    A plate containing 8 falafel balls, tahina sauce, fresh chickpeas, mix greens and spices.


  • French Fries

    French Fries (Freshly cut daily)

    Crispy Fries containing fresh cut white potatoes.


  • Cigar Plate

    Cigar Plate (8 Pieces)

    A delightful plate containing filo sheets and ground beef piquant.


  • Babaganuch


    A pleasing dish comprising of smoked grilled eggplant, garlic, parsley, mayonnaise, salt pepper and fresh lemon juice.


  • Tabouli Salad

    Tabouli Salad

    An exquisite salad dressed with parsley, green onions, tomatoes, couscous, mint, lemon juice and olive oil.


  • Israeli Salad

    Israeli Salad

    Distinctive Israeli Salad with cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, parsley, olive oil, fresh lemon juice and salt pepper.


  • Famously Fresh Salad

    Famously Fresh Salad

    Delicious green tahina served with fresh baby leaves mix, turnips, pickled lemon, cherry tomatoes and red onions.


  • Special Tuna Salad

    Special Tuna Salad

    A tasteful plate made with fresh avocado, cherry tomatoes, black olives, fresh baby leaves mix, boiled egg, our special tuna, beets and carrot strips.


  • Famous Chicken Salad

    Famous Chicken Salad

    Delicious mix greens salad made with cherry tomatoes, sliced tender chicken breast, served on a white/whole wheat laffa


  • Seasonal Salad

    Seasonal Salad

    Delicious salad with mix green baby leaves, seasonal fruits, and pecans served with white/whole wheat laffa.


  • Veggie Skewer

    Veggie Skewer

    A delightful Veggie Skewer containing fresh mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and fresh onions.


  • Big Combo Salad

    Big Combo Salad (7 choices - Take Out Only)

    A mouthwatering combo salad with 7 choices i.e. olive, tabouli, babaganush, mushroom, matbucha and hummus plus fried eggplant.


  • Small size appetizers available for $2.99:
    • Hummus tahini    • Babaganush    • Fried eggplant    • Olive salad   
    • Matbucha    • Mushroom salad

  • Choose one side dish from:
    • Rice    • Baked potato    • Israeli salad     • Steamed veggies    • Fries   
    • Seasoned brown rice       • Extra skewer for $6.99

    All main courses served with a white or whole wheat laffa.

  • Fillet Mignon

    Fillet Mignon (1 Skewer)

    Tender fillet mignon bites glazed with our special sauce and served warm.


  • Famous Dish

    Famous Dish (1 Skewer Fliet Mignon & 1 Skewer Ground Beef)

    Tender fillet mignon and premium quality beef bites marinated with our special spices and served warm.


  • Kabob


    Delicious mix of first cut lamb and premium quality ground beef.


  • Chicken Leg on Charcoal

    Chicken Leg on Charcoal (1 Skewer)

    Tender and juicy marinated chicken leg meat on a skewers perfectly grilled in a charcoal barbecue.


  • Chicken Breast on Charcoal

    Chicken Breast on Charcoal (1 Skewer)

    Two tender and juicy marinated chicken meat skewers, served with our fresh home made fries and a delicious home made special dip sauce.


  • Mixed Grill

    Mixed Grill (1 Skewer Ground Beef & 1 Skewer of Chicken)

    A tempting dish containing two perfectly grilled skewers, one premium ground beef and one tender marinated chicken.


  • Rack of Lamb

    Rack of Lamb (11oz)

    Delicious first cut tender and perfectly grilled prime lamb ribs.


  • Chicken Schnitzel

    Chicken Schnitzel (Fried Breaded Chicken Breast)

    Crunchy and juicy breaded chicken breast, topped up with our special spices and served with basmati rice and fresh vegetables.


  • Lamb Kabob

    Lamb Kabob (1 Skewer)

    This grilled lamb kebab is marinated in our special spices and perfectly grilled.


  • Chicken Shawarma

    Chicken Shawarma

    Delicious chicken thigh marinated in our special spices and tenderly cooked to perfection.


  • Beef and Lamb Shawarma

    Beef & Lamb Shawarma

    Tender top quality lamb, mixed with premium beef and marinated with our special spices.


  • Rib Steak

    Rib Steak (12 oz)

    Premium quality beef steak cooked at your choice, perfectly spiced up and served with our fresh salad.


  • Jerusalem Mixed

    Jerusalem Mixed (Chicken Jaghoor Baghoor)

    Iranian-style sautéed liver dish made with chicken liver spiced with cumin, turmeric and curry spices and dried lime powder.


  • Add an extra skewer for $3.99

  • Sabich laffa


    Sabich, served in pita or Laffa bread, contains fried eggplant, hard boiled eggs, hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, parsley and amba slow-cooked in Hamin until they turn brown. Sometimes it is doused with hot sauce and sprinkled with minced onion.



    sabich pita
  • Falafel laffa


    Falafel served in a pita or laffa topped with salads, pickled vegetables, hot sauce, and drizzled with tahini-based sauces.



    falafel pita
  • Shawarma laffa


    This dish is marinated in an abundance of spices, with a hint of citrus and flavorful garlic.



    Shawarma pita
  • Kabob laffa

    Kabob (Ground Beef & Lamb)

    Highest quality ground beef mixed with the finest cut of marinated lamb ,minced onions, cilantro, and special spices grilled to perfection.



    Kabob pita
  • Schnitzel laffa


    Tender crunchy chicken breast, coated with bread crumbs, and our special spices.



    schnitzel pita
  • Chicken Shish Kabob Laffa

    Chicken Shish Kabob

    Tender chunks of dark chicken meat, marinated in our special spices, cooked to perfection.



    Chicken Shish Kabob Pita
  • Chicken Breast on Charcoal laffa

    Chicken Breast on Charcoal

    Delicious and tender charcoal chicken breast grilled, marinated with our special spices.



    Chicken Breast on Charcoal pita
  • Rainbow Trout Fillet

    Rainbow Trout Fillet

    Fresh, oven baked rainbow trout fillet, marinated with our special spices. Add one of our famously delicious side dishes of your choice for $18.99.


  • Traditional Iraqi Kubba

    Traditional "Iraqi Kubba" - (Thursday only)

    This Iraqi version of a popular Middle Eastern dish uses stuffed kubba meat balls, marinated in a special iraqi seven spices.


  • Maroccan Fish

    Maroccan Fish (Fish Fillet)

    Fresh cooked tilapia fish fillet in tomato sauce with red and green sweet peppers, coriander, parsley and garlic. Add one of our famously delicious side dishes of your choice for $18.99


  • Moroccan Couscous

    Moroccan Couscous (Only in Winter)

    Exquisite cooked couscous plate served with our special moroccan roots vegetable soup.


  • Additional drinks and alcoholic drinks available at different locations. Ask your server for the daily desserts special.

  • Baklava


    A traditional sweet and rich Middle Eastern Pastry.


  • Fruit Salad

    Fruit Salad

    Fresh and sweet seasonal fresh fruits served with pecans on top.


  • Turkish coffee

    Turkish coffee

    Freshly roasted and grounded Turkish coffee beans.


  • House tea

    House tea

    Black tea serves, fresh mint leaves with cinnamon stick.


  • Water bottle

    Water bottle


  • Perrier


    Perrier is a natural sparkling mineral water that is well known throughout the world. Famous for its elegantly-shaped green bottle, Perrier is the ultimate refreshment to quench all thirsts.


  • Spring Juice

    Spring Juice

    Imported exotic Israeli Juices in variety of flavours.


  • Regular pop

    Regular pop

    Can never go wrong with a Pop, either Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coca Cola Zero, Sprite, Ginger Ale or Nestea.


  • Malt Star

    Malt Star (non-alcoholic)

    Enjoy a refreshing malt drink, brewed from barley, hops and water.


  • Served with french fries or rice and a can of pop. For Spring Juice $1.00 extra.

  • Famous Laffa Burger

    Famous Laffa Burger

    Delicious ground beef patty in a bun with lettuce, tomatoes and onions.


  • Falafel Plate

    Falafel Plate

    Crunchy on the outside, made with fresh famous ingredients and loaded with lots of good spices on the inside, this falafel plate contains four delicious balls.


  • Chicken Fingers

    Chicken Fingers

    Served hot and crispy three golden brown, breaded chicken.


  • Laffa Kids